ELOHA Plus vol.3
1 Syringe / 2 Sterile needles
#Dermal Filler #ELOHA Plus vol.3




ELOHA Plus is 

high purity HA content for long lasting and prevent swelling and minimizes pain with PH

and osmotic pressure that similar to the human body.









/ Characteristics



Improving Wrinkle



Corrective Treatment for Asymmetry

Improving Skin Quality









Effects of Use




 Multi Layers 


Minimize unnatural situations in which the

resilient particle layer directly touches the treatment area.




 Pure HA Filler 


Highly compressed cross-linked HA causes edema, but

ELOHA Plus is pure HA it minimizes edema.









High Elasticity

High Cohesion

High Convenience





Always meet glowing and healthy skin

with the filler presented by ELOHA Plus.