6mL x 5 vials





Our skin repeats the process of cell regeneration and annihilation creating cell wastes that can cause skin aging.

The skin that repeats this process continuously accumulates wastes and dead skin cells on the surface,

leading to skin troubles and pigmentation.




Lanez Skin is a hybrid peeling that is born to care the

skin to be bright and clean as snow.










Hybrid Peeling


Various skin care formulas of AHA, BHA and PHA care the skin to be moist and

smooth by minimizing skin irritation and removing dead skin cells softly.





TCA Peeling


TCA is a noninvasive skin treatment used for skin discoloration,

scar treatment and wrinkle improvement.

Lanez Skin with TCA 30% is absorbed to upper papilla dermis and

not only removes old dead skin cells also revitalizes skin cell growth.









Lanez Skin is a hypoallergenic TCA peeling product that can be used for all skin types.

It is a derma solution that removes wastes accumulated on the skin, makes the skin texture smooth,

and gradually restores the original healthy energy of skin cells.