About Us

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LINKUS GLOBAL Co., Ltd. is a global company that supplies high-quality products to countries around the world through various networks in the fast-growing beauty industry market.

Since its foundation in 2019, we have been actively communicating with overseas buyers, and we have continuously recruited professionals in various fields, including quality control and product design, to improve the stability and expertise of our work.

We are producing high-quality products to meet customer needs and establishing a global network based on a stable distribution network, such as securing competitiveness in the market and obtaining permission from Russia and overseas for exclusive exports.
LINKUS GLOBAL Co., Ltd. walks together today so that beauty can stay in everyone's lives.
We are constantly challenging ourselves to make the world more beautiful and valuable
  • Innovation :
    Developing high-quality products that lead the beauty healthcare industry
  • Management Innovation :
    Create beauty value that fits the flow of the market with ongoing quality management
  • Organizational Transformation :
    Corporate culture created by prepared global talents
value 1
An honest company that treats products and customers with a sincere heart and attitude
value 2
A passionate company where all members work with pride
value 3
A creative enterprise that thinks, challenges, and continues to evolve