Kaimax 200U
1 vial (200units)
#Botulinum Toxin #Kaimax 200U







Fresh Start, Botulinum Toxin Type A


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Botox-specialized exports for 10 years a trusted company


Globally Marketed Products

Exported globally to Asia, Americas, and Europe etc.


Safe Products

Safety guaranteed with original European strain

No drug resistance after repeated procedure

No pain during treatment procedure

Fast onset of action

No discomfort after procedure





[COMPOSITION] 1 vial contains

Clostridium botulinum toxin type A (In-house)


Human serum albumin (EP) —— 1.0 mg

Sodium chloride (USP) —— 1.8 mg





Kaimax, the secret to staying young with time

Not a surgery but just a quick and easy procedure that enables

immediate recovery after treatment with instant effect.


Recommended for those who feel uncomfortable about undergoing surgery

and who wish to return to daily life immediately after treatment












Kaimax is the original strain from European National Institute and is a high-purity product

with low immunogenicity risk that complies with CGMP standards (FDA, EMA) for safe and

fast skin and wrinkle improvement and larger muscle treatment.