Blanc HA (5mL) x 1 vial / Blanc Powder (50mg) x 1vial
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EXOSOME contains a large number of

regenerative factors such as regenerative protein and regenerative miRNA,

and they have an excellent effect on skin regeneration.











Human-derived Stem Cell




EXOSOME consists of lipid bilayer cell membrane

components that are the same as those in human body with high tissue permeability.



It reaches deep into the skin through lipids between pores,

sweat glands, and keratinocytes.










 Blanc HA 




Sodium Hyaluronate




 Blanc Powder 



Human Stem Cell Conditioned Media(100,000PPM)

Human Amniotic Fluid Cell Conditioned Media Extract(886,000PPM)

Sodium Hyaluronate

Hydrolyzed Collagen












What is special about Exoblanc?







Securing safety related to

human-derived stem cells (GMP facility)







A large amount of Exoblanc exosomes

widely penetrate the dermal layer where cells and

substrate factors (such as collagen) are essential for skin regeneration,

making it excellent for skin rejuvenation and improvement







Whereas Exoblanc contains an

average of about 2 billion exosomes per 1mL

by using unique in-house technology.








Exoblanc exosomes have a binding rate of

82% when reaching dermal cells, which is about

1.8 times higher than normal exosomes.











Exoblanc will lead vou to the moment vou shine the most.