AVAHfill 60mL
60mL x 1vial
#Dermal Filler #AVAHfill 60mL







WHY AVAH fill (body filler)?





AVAH fill possesses all these 3 ideal properties, which are strong viscosity (cohesiveness) and migration resistance,




effective gel hardness that allows delicate control that results in an excellent molding ability.


















One of the natural moisturizing factors that exist in the human body is a hydrophilic




substance, which is commonly called a natural moisturizer, a component characterized




by excellent water binding that can absorb 1000 times the amount of water it weighs.












-Medical grade HA


-HA volume : 60mL / vial


-HA concentration : 20mg / mL


-BDDE < 0.2ppm


-Gel type : Mono-phasic


-Package : 1vial / box











Take care of your body with AVAHfill 60mL