Ampoule (5mL) x 3 vials / Powder (5g) x 3 vials
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'PAGC Glyceollins' is the safe patented substance as the pharmaceutical

composition for preventing of treating blood Bessel and inflammatory diseases

with phytoalexin derived from beans (the plant immunity substance).









‘PAGC Glyceollins Re: New Ampoule’ is

functional cosmetics which helps skin-brightening effects.


It helps to have skin-lightening effects and 

soothe flush, acne, and atopic skin.









‘PAGC Glycyrrhizin Re: New Powder’ improves dry and

coarse skin by helping to moisturize damaged skin to be healthy and lively.


It improves skin environment and the structure of damaged skin by inducing

it to produce collagen to be bright and shiny, energizing it, and revitalizing exhausted skin.















Forward thinking about healthy beauty

Origin recipes found in nature

A powerful skin solution with refined technology


"PAGC" is a dermatological science that gives you.